Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Random Outfit Post

Hey guys, I am in a really cheerful mood this morning.  I woke up and actually felt like wearing something pretty instead of pants and t-shirt.  I also did my make-up and hair which is even more rare than me dressing pretty these days.  I always feel so great when I'm all prettied up.

And to top things off, when I went to take the pictures my MP3 switched to Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant.  I find that song always makes things better.

Its on Tumblr too, not that you guys probably care.
Also on Tumblr.


  1. Hey there

    I really enjoy reading your blog but I find that I often need to highlight things in order to see the text properly -- is there any way you could bring the text a few shades lighter? Just doing so in the main writing of the actual posts would be great.

    Hope I'm not being too annoying!

    1. I'm actually happy that you told me, if you are having problems seeing it I'm sure others are too. I will go play around with font colours now :P

    2. Ahh much better! Thank you =)

  2. Va va voom!!! You are looking absolutely fabulous!!