Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Purple Hair

As the few people who have seen my blog know, I went shopping on Monday.  I was originally supposed to go to my local second hand shop, but i didn't end up getting there.  I instead got distracted by a local antique shop and spent about an hour browsing around looking at all the old books and pretty jewellery.  I unfortunately did not buy anything but I do plan on going back.  I also found a place downtown that sells really nice hair accessories that have inspired me to try and make my own when I find spare time.

So anyways by the time I was done with my browsing through all the downtown shops it was time for me to meet up with one of my friends so I didn't get anything overly exciting to show you guys.  But my friend and I did manage to make our way to the local drug store and I was surprised to find that my small town actually sells colourful hair dye in brands other than Manic Panic(tried it but the colour was already fading after like 4 days). So I bought myself some purple hair dye!!  I am actually really excited and nobody besides my friend and her family know I am dying my hair purple because i figure my mother cannot stop me after its done.

It comes with the bleach and everything!

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  1. This is the exact stuff I use ^_^ It's pretty good -- the whole bottle of dye lasted me from late August up until now. Mind you, I have really short hair, so that comes in use. The dye is very vibrant and concentrated too.

    - Tenebris