Saturday, 3 December 2011

I'm Alive

Okay, so i only have one follower but I still feel bad for neglecting my blog.  I have not had time to post due to work and the one outfit post I wanted to upload failed because all my pictures had glares in them from my light.  I have also had nothing to post about. 

I have been trying to post though.  I have been searching the net for links and sites I found interesting so I could atleast post something for whoever stumbles across my blog.  So, far I have not found anything overly interesting that hasn't already been posted to death by pretty much every goth related blog around, but I am trying, that is worth something is it not.

So I have ordered some eye base and a black spectrum pot from Evil Shades Cosmetics, and I do plan on doing a product review when they arrive and i have had a chance to test them(I am actually really excited seeing as how I have never been able to find eye shadow bases due to my being stuck in a small town with limited make-up selections).  I also want to go shopping at my local thrift store monday because I have the day off, so if I find anything besides the usual horror books that is worthy of purchase it will show up in this blog.

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