Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yesterday's Shopping Finds

As promised in my last post I am posting pictures of the stuff I bought yesterday.  I am rather proud of myself I got a total of 11 items for $15 + taxes.  The first 10 items posted i bought at Claire's and they were part of a buy 10 items for $10 deal.

My arm looks funny here but i wanted to show the entire glove.

He is glow in the dark and winds up so he can walk!!!

It says 'Love Bites' and yes i know it is probably supposed to be a twi-hard bracelet but it says nothing about twilight on it and I needed a tenth item to get the deal.

Sword Necklace
And finally I got 'The Corpse Bride' from Walmart's $5 movie bin(I seriously love that bin, it's actually not the first time I've found Tim Burton movies in there).

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