Thursday, 26 January 2012

Personal Celebration + Outfit

Today I am Celebrating by myself my last day of work. This may seem a bit odd because when I first started this blog I made a post about my work and it seemed I liked my job. In truth, I actually did like my job but that has since changed. The store I work for has changed quite a bit and it is now a place I look at with pure hatred. I refuse to even walk in the front door when I am not working.

I learned alot with the changes that happened. After having my assistant manager pretty much publicly humiliate me at my other place of work(Where she had no business being) I am slowly learning to fight for myself and not let people walk all over me. I have also learned that appearances may be decieving and the people you thought were your friends can easily turn against you over something as stupid as how somebeody wishes to express themselves. The people i had gotten along with in my workplace are now the people I wish would leave me alone and the one person I couldn't stand before is now the one person I can trust and can rant to.

So anyways that ends my rant-like explanation of my work life. The point of this post is that because of my hate of my workplace I have been feeling a bit uneasy about expressing myself while there and have been seriously lacking on the fashion scale which is why I haven't been posting many outfit pics(all my work outfit have been jeans and a t-shirt due to trying to fit in a bit better to try and smooth things over for my last couple weeks). So with today being my last day I have decided to say screw it and have put on one of my favorite lace skirts and some ripped up stockings. I figured anything they say to me about the way i'm dressed doesn't really matter because it is my last day(The only reason I'm not wearing my platform boots is because I'm stuck on my feet for hours on end).

Anyways this is the outfit I have decided to wear, it looks kinda boring in the pic but it is slightly more interesting in real life.
Stockings: Dollar Store
Skirt: H&M
Tank: Urban Behaviour
Jacket: Second Hand
Choker: Claires
Rest of Jewelry: Gifts
Boots: Stitches(Not Shown)


  1. hope you enjoyed it to be the last day :-)

    sad to hear your job was the same as mine... starting good and turning into the worst ever, i am finished at my place now too, holiday the entire feb and starting over at a new job march, 1st (that i hopefully find a nightshift job instead of plain timework agency, but that would still be better than my old job)

  2. I was enjoying it but them, three days before I was supposed to be officially gone, They told me my paperwork would not be accepted and I now have to wait another 2 weeks to be gone from the company. I made my availabilty for those two weeks terrible though so hopefully they won't use me and I won't have to go back there.