Sunday, 5 February 2012

Goth Fails

I'm pretty sure every goth blog has some sort of post about Goth stereotypes they fall under or non-goth things they do or even a post of popular goth things they don't do.  I have decided to join in on this instead of breaking this tradition.  Instead of just chosing one variation of goth stereotypes posts I am going to do all three in one post!  So lets get started.


Goth Stereotypes That Apply to Me.
-A love for Vampires, Fairies, Werewolves, and other mythical creatures.  I also love anything to do with the paranormal.
-Buying things with cute skulls, bats or spiders on them.  Anyone who has met me knows I am incredibly guilty of this.
-An adversion to light.  The curtain on my bedroom window will forever remain closed and my main light only gets turned on by my mother when she is looking for something in my room.  The only welcome sources of light are from my lamp that burns scented oil and my reading lamp.
-An adversion to sunlight.  Oh dear God, it hurts!!!  Actually that is not much of an exageration.  Even with sunscreen on my skin still burns within half an hour of being exposed to direct sunlight.  Going to the beach or the summer fair my town runs are fun but the resulting sun burn is not always worth it.

Non-Goth Things About Me.
-Black is not in my top three favourite colors(They are Green, Purple and Pink)
-My bookshelf is mostly filled with those cheesy teen vampire novel(Yup the ones where vampires are your friends)
-I preffer the look of darker skin over deathly pale.  I would however like to include that when I mean dark skin I mean naturally dark not that bright orange fake tan look.
-I don't like to wear heavy make-up.

Goth Stereotypes That Don't Apply to Me.
-Horror Movies.  I don't particularily like them.  On most days I will pick crude comedy or Sci-fi over something bloody and gruesome.  When I do pick something that falls under the horror category it is usually something that focuses on plot and storytelling rather than something that is made just to show off how good the director is at making blood splatters.
-Poetry.  I don't dislike poetry, I will admit it is pleasant when I hear it but I do not have any urges to specifically search for it or to write it.
-All black everything.  It is true that I use black pencils at school and my backpack and pencil case are also black but I actually have brightly colored binders.  I actually love color and enjoy using it mostly as an accent to black but I still prefer my stuff to have color in it somewhere.
-Visiting graveyards.  I like the look of them but I feel like I'd be disrespecting the dead and people who are visiting the dead by waltzing around a graveyard when I have no reason for being there besides trying to gain a few goth points.  I actually hate seeing those photos of half naked women draping themselves over someones grave.  It just seems wrong.

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  1. Good post! :)

    I certainly agree on horror movies...I don't really like too much of them either, they make me kind of squeamish. Also heavy makeup, I wear none or medium, just because it's quite stuffy at times lol.

    And graveyards...hmm. I love them, but I am frankly too nervous to enter our local one. :(


    Good for you about living in a dark room. :). I still try...but now that my curtains are permanetly opened it's a little harder.

    Sorry for boring you with my long comment haha. :) I just really like your blog.


    1. Aha thanks!
      I actually love graveyards they are beautiful but like i said above I just feel like I'm intruding or being disrespectful. In my opinion the only reason you should be sitting at someones grave is if you knew that person or have some sort of relation to them. Sitting on a bench is fine but I know I wouldn't want someone casually leaning against my tombstone because its the goth thing to do.

      And don't worry about long comments, if you have ever seen the few comments I leave on other people's blogs they are usually really long, to me it shows that you actually cared enough to take the time to write something out instead of just throwing in a quick "This post is awesome".

      And to end this wall of text, I am glad you like my blog:)

  2. I agree with you about graveyards - it's wrong to drape yourself on someone's grave and pretend like you're grieving for them, or pretend like you're a vampire. It seems rather disrespectful. I don't have a link to hand, but this came to a head in Whitby where the church actually banned the Goths because of what had been happening. I like going to graveyards because I find them peaceful and I appreciate the statuary, but I keep to strict rules about what I will and will not photograph. I