Friday, 17 February 2012

Music Post- February 2012

My first music post since i turned it from weekly to monthly!  So I have a few songs to share from quite a few different genres.  I've noticed a bit of uproar about what is goth lately among some of the people I follow so I just want to put a warning...THESE SONGS ARE NOT NECESSARILY GOTH!  there now none can come at me for post stuff as goth when its not.  :)

Ballet for the Masses by Novocaine Mausoleum

Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy (I can't stop listening to this!)

The Cry by 13 Bats (First heard this a couple of years ago and hated it, just recently came across it and now i love it. Strange what a couple years can do to someones music tastes)

We Stand Alone by Covenant

Assimilate by Skinny Puppy(Yay for a great Canadian band!! My national pride always gets kicked up when I hear good Canadian music.)


  1. I love Novocaine Mausoleum!And "Assimilate" by skinny puppy is a classic,for sure.

  2. i'm impressed, only 2 songs that are 'not available in germany because of stupid GEMA or WMG'

    like that song from 13 bats :-D