Friday, 24 February 2012

What's With All The Mainstream Hate?

This is more of a rant than an actual post but lately I have been seeking out the few alternative-ish people that live in my city.  I have noticed that I get along with them quite well(I now have a buddy to go thrifting with) but they all seem to complain about one thing in particular.  The mainstream.  Not just the over all culture but ever little thing about it, they won't listen to bands once they become popular and will only wear things that no one else has and so on.  To be brutally honest it kind of annoys me to see people throw something aside for being mainstream. 

I know a lot of Goths aren't very fond of mainstream culture but as far as a I can tell most of them aren't going to stop liking something just because its popular.  That just seems stupid.  In my opinion a song is good whether it is popular or not.  If The Sisters of Mercy suddenly became the coolest thing ever does that mean that every alternative person that liked them before is going to just stop listening to them.  No, only the people who care about such trivial things as not having anything in common with mainstream culture are going to stop listening to them.  The rest of us are going to continue on blaring their favorite songs as loud as they can.

So this brings me to an interesting thought; why is something being mainstream considered a bad thing.  Is it because you now feel like your personification as a unique individual is going to be jeopardised if you happen to like Ke$ha?  If it is then I'll let you in on a secret, anybody that matters is not going to think of you any different for liking something popular. 

I personally am fine with the mainstream.  People who fall under mainstream do because the things they happen to like are mainstream, so really its no different than being alternative because you like weird and different things.  If I like a mainstream song I listen to it and I do it with pride.  If I like a mainstream style I will follow it.  Hell, today I went to school in ripped jeans, Ugg knockoffs, and a light grey striped cardigan and I thought I looked cute.  I looked completely normal with the exception of having pink hair but I still think I looked awesome.

And just to make this worth your while I will throw in a bit of advice that most people should already know.  Life is not going to be very fun if you spend all your time worrying about being unique.  Just live your life to have fun and do things that make you happy.  There is really no point in being a unique individual if you can't enjoy yourself.  Well there you have it that is the end of my rant.


  1. yes and no XD
    actually i dont care if something i like is popular or not (meh, i still do like marilyn manson and rammstein for example or even have a few 100%pop-songs on my itunes) BUT i dont like those people to suddenly 'dress/style goth-like' that a moment earlier hated me for this, shouted at me and whatnot. :-P

  2. I agree,just because something is mainstream does not necessarily mean its bad...
    Not to mention,I get tired of going to music videos on youtube and reading a bunch of ,"f the mainstream' comments down in the comment boards.Its just annoying.

  3. Amen to that!

    I agree completely. What the point of forcing yourself into a very small ever changing box. If you completely discard the mainstream and refuse to like only what you actually like aren't you just another trend hopper?

    Not that I have anything again mainstream people or ever trend hoppers, most of my friends listen and dress like that and they're still lovely people. :3

  4. I agree with you guys. I mean, what does it matter if I have Michael Jackson on my iPod? (I do, lots! Don't tell anyone!)
    I think that, if you like a certain thing, you like it. Doesn't matter if it's mainstream or not.
    :) Xxxx
    P.S: Thanks for following me!