Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Duo Post-DIY The Cure Shirt + Cute Shoes

I don't feel like doing two seperate posts so I am doing them both in one!

First up just some pics of a DIY project.  I basically just took a plain black tee and used tape to write The Cure on it then took some spray fabric paint and voila.  Or so I hope considering I haven't gotten around to washing the excess paint off I'm not entirely sure if if turned out well.

Shirt with tape before the paint.
I ended up putting a bit more paint then this on it but you get the point.
Like I stated before I have not actually gotten around to washing this because my mom did my laundry for me and I didn't have this with the rest of my clothing so it will eventually be getting put into an outfit post.

And this second part of the post is really random but I think my new shoes are so cute that they need to be shared.  The best thing is I got them for under $4.

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