Friday, 27 April 2012

No April Music Post

I will not have a music post for April because I have been busy and just replaying my past favorites because I don't feel like putting the effort into discovered anything new.  Although if you have any suggestions for music I would love to hear what some of you favourite songs or artists are.

I will hopefully be making up for the no music post by posting something special from my normal rants on things that piss me off.  I am going out of town this weekend so I will hopefully be bringing back some goodies to show you!  I know I like looking at the things my fellow bloggers buy so hopefully you guys will enjoy looking at my purchases aswell.

And as another gift you get to see another of my terrible old photos.  This was taken a little over three years ago I believe.  I'm sporting my emo hair and my old love of bright hair bows.  :P

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