Monday, 9 April 2012

RIP Pink Hair

So, I have had pink hair for the majority of this blogs life(not very long) and have even seemed to be known for being 'the pink haired chick' at my school.  I love my pink hair but I am in desperate need of a job now that I have decided to go to school in Toronto(about a five hour drive from where I live).  This means I have to pay for residence and food whereas before I was going to be living at home.  Living in a small city there are a lot of judgemental people with very closed minds so I knew my chances of getting a job with pink hair was very slim.

After much inner debates on whether I should give up on my style for a job or keep my style and have a harder time getting one I decided that it was time for my pink hair to go into hibernation.  So I am now a brunette and I actually like it(still not as much as the pink hair).

Here's some pictures of my pretty new hair.

And here is the last picture taken of my pink hair.

D'aww I'm missing it already even though I like the dark hair...


  1. sorry you were 'forced' to do this but i think the dark brown suits you even better :-* good luck!

  2. Sorry about the pink. RIP. :(

    The brown does look quite marvellous though! :)

  3. Aww, Thanks ladies. I'm starting to get used to seeing dark although I did nearly give myself a heart attack after forgetting I dyed my hair and seeing a quick glance in the mirror. Naturally the first thought that went through my head was that someone had snuck into my bathroom and was waiting to torture and kill me...but any ways I actually like being able to wear red which I couldn't do with the pink because it would clash :P

  4. Aw I think brown suits you. You're pretty by the way! I'll be doing a big change myself soon. I'll be stripping out my black *gasp!* and dyeing it purple!
    Xxxx :)

    1. Aww thanks. Hope you like your purple hair!