Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Cure DIY Shirt Outfit Post

Sorry the picture is awful my camera just seems to be shooting out worst quality pics every day.  Also I was in a rush so only the one pic.  I cut the majority of my legs out cause they looked very strange.  And yes i am wearing the shorts I showed you in the last post.

Deffiniately not my fav outfit so I actually felt very strange when I had people come up to me to compliment me at school.  I'm usually more comfident when recieving compliments while in a pretty skirt that I am in any type of shorts or pants.

PS.  Sorry 'bout the red eye forgot to remove it.  :P


  1. Love the shirt! You're so creative.

  2. demon eyes *giggles*

    you still did an awesome diy there! <3 suits you well and looks so comfy!