Monday, 25 June 2012

Liebster Award

I was nominated for this award by Victoria McEwan over at Later That Day I Got Enticed By a Gothic Wonderland.  I would like to say thanks of course.  I am always happy when I get tagged in these things.
The Rules:
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Got to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs.

11 Things About Me
  1. I always colour in my eyebrows before leaving the house, even if I don't wear any other make up that day.
  2. My favourite colours are emerald green and baby pink.
  3. My current desktop picture is a movie still from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
  4. My favourite band is The Cure.
  5. My favourite subject in school is history.
  6. I hate having to wear pants other than sweats or pajama bottoms.
  7. I spend far too much time on tumblr than what can possibly be healthy.
  8. I won't watch tv series while they are on tv because I don't like to sit down at a specific time to watch it.
  9. I don't like texting or talking on the phone.
  10. I usually wear colourful socks.
  11. I treat my boots like my babies, I wipe the dirt off of them after everytime I wear them.
The Questions I was Asked
  1. Favourite Disney Film?  Cinderella, I used to make my mom put it on everytime I was sick as a child.
  2. If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go and why?  I would go to Istanbul, Turkey because it looks like a beautiful place and I would love to see the mix of new and old buildings.
  3. Favourite Book?  This one is rather tough, I read a lot so I have read many great books.  I would say my favourite would be Marked from the House of Night series because I never liked to read before that but after my friend pretty much forced me to read it I fell in love with reading.  It is not the best book but it does deserve credit for making me want to read.
  4. Pearls or Diamonds? Pearls, they are just too cute.
  5. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.
  6. Favourite Johnny Depp Movie?  Whats Eating Gilbert Grape.
  7. What are you future plans for your blog and your inspiration behind it?  Well I plan on having a lot more outfit pics, when I started this blog I had barely any confidence so outfit pictures were very few and far between but in the last while I have been feeling amazing about myself so you will be seeing more outfits.  And as for my inspiration well like I said when I started this blog I was very low on confidence, I had just had a bit of an emotional breakdown, I got so sick of dressing and acting how others wanted me to so I decided to take control of my image.  I have been interested in goth for a long time so I kinda said screw it I'm dressing like this and the blog was kind of create as a support group.  I had people start to compliment me on my blog and it felt great so I just kept on posting stuff.
  8. I you could be a breed of dog which breed do you think would suit your personality?  Omg, I know nothing about dog breeds but I'm gonna go with Pug because they seem pretty laid back and chill.
  9. Dream Cocktail?  Once again something I know nothing about but seeing as how I don't drink it would have to be something non-alcoholic.  Pina Coladas are pretty decent.
  10. Best gig you've ever been to?  I live in Northern Canada so I don't see much live music especially since all the local bands are some sort of Indie-Sreamo-Rock getup but I did see April wine a few years ago.  They were amazing, even though they are getting older they are still a great band to see live.
  11. The city or the country?  City, I am sure I would die of boredom in the country.
People I'm Tagging.(I'm gonna break one rule and that is I am not going to leave a message telling people they have been tagged because I feel like i'm sending them spam.  But these will all be people that follow me so they should see it.)
  1. OddGhoulOut
  2. Morticia Merle
  3. Sophie
  4. Kakuidori
  5. Jess
  6. Britt
  7. Dani Deathbiscuit
  8. V
  9. The Irish Phantom Cat
  10. Cherish
Questions to Answer
  1. Favourte Movie?
  2. Are you on Tumblr, if so put your url.(Sorry I like stalking my blogger buddies)
  3. Cats or Dogs?
  4. Do you find bats cute?
  5. Favourite cosmetics brand?
  6. A word you use way too often.
  7. Favourite Season?
  8. Favourite non-goth band.
  9. Your current celebrity crush.
  10. Biggest fear?
  11. Favourite Author?


  1. Yay I was tagged! This is gonna be exciting... XD

  2. Thanks for following me on tumblr, and tagging me here! :D

  3. whee thank you! and sure we all should find this :-D

    btw i cant wait for october because thats when the abraham lincoln movie will come to germany (i live far behind the moon!)

  4. Thanks for tagging me. What is your tumblr website again?

    1. my current url is hamiltonistheonlytenisee