Saturday, 14 July 2012

Common Beauty Tips That Don't Work For Me.

I see a lot of people post beauty tips.  I like to read them to see if there is anything new I can try.  Some work great and others just don't seem to work for me.  So here a little list of common beauty tips that I have tried but do not follow either because I saw no difference and I'm too lazy to continue without noticeable change or because they back fired completely.
I've been really missing my pink hair so I'm just going to randomly post the very last photo I took of it.

Wash Your Face Twice a Day.
This one is probably the one I see most often and it makes sense, your face is oily when you wake up and it gathers dirt and oil throughout the day, therefore you should wash your face both when you wake up and before you go to bed.  I'm not sure if I just have strange skin or if there are other out there with the same problem as me but washing my face more than once a day will make my face resemble a pizza.

I had always just washed my face once a day and only got the occasional pimple, but after reading I should wash my face twice a day I figured well maybe those occasional pimple will disappear and my skin will be perfection!  Wrong, my skin turned absolutely horrible.  At first I thought my skin was just dry from the extra washing but even with moisturiser my skin was still breaking out.  I went back to only washing my face in the morning and I have returned to only getting the occasional pimple.

Only Wash Your Hair Once Every Second Day
I did this when I was dying my hair bright colours to help preserve the colour.  At first all was good, then I noticed the places where my hair touched my face were starting to breakout from the oils in my hair and on the day I went without washing my hair it would start to feel greasy around 4pm.  This works for many people but for me it was not something I would go back to doing, I think I would rather subject my hair to a few extra dye jobs.

Ex-foliating Will help Get Rid Of a Tan
I don't ignore this because it doesn't work, because it actually does help, I ignore it because when I get a tan I am excited as fuck.  Seriously, I have pale skin that just wants to burn and flake away so when I get a tan I am overjoyed.  I'm not one of those goth girls that are like ew tanned goths, I actually like the look of dark skin and have always wanted an olive skin tone.  don't get me wrong I don't go out and purposely tan, but that mostly because I am paranoid of getting premature wrinkle or skin cancer.

Anyway, there a few beauty tips that I don't follow, if you have any common beauty tips that don't work for you feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I adore your hair colour in that picture! Pink is one of the few colours that I haven't dyed my hair (the others being orange and yellow). But seeing that picture really makes me want pink hair! Also, to possibly combat the issue of not being able to wash your hair every other day, have you ever tried dry shampoo? My sister uses one made by Dove and apparently it works really well.

    Ps. I love your blog.

  2. Hehe I have loads ;) here's my top 3...

    #1) Green Tea will not help you lose weight. It tastes vile and makes no difference whatsoever.

    #2) Making your own face masks is not better than the shop bought kind. It costs you a heck of a lot more to make, plus it looks like cack...

    #3) Mixing foundation with a bit of moisturiser doesn't make it go on smoothly - or at least it doesn't with me, it just makes my powder go clumpy and my face look greasy :S

    Ooh and a bonus one...

    #4) No product is "anti-aging". If you are old and smear a load of crap on your face, then you will still be old afterwards. There's no miracle cure that will turn you back into an 18 year old.

    This was really fun, great post ! xx