Friday, 6 July 2012

Fear Tag

Hey guys, I got tagged for this by both V and by OddGhoulOut.  Thank you ladies for thinking about tagging me.  :)

Rules(I'm lazy so the only rule I'm following id answering the questions, I know I'm such a rebel.  :P )
  • Do this tag with the lights on.  You may be facing your worst fears in this room...
  • Answer the Questions!
  • Tag how many others you want and link them in your post.
  • Tell others you've tagged them on their blogs.
  • If you read their posts and notice you share the same fears, give them a virtual hug.
  1. Three things your afraid of for very good reasons.
  2. Three irrational fears of yours.
  3. The medical term for one of your fears.
  4. Are you superstitious in any ways?
  5. Are you easily startled?
  6. Do you have any common fears?
  7. When you watch horror movies, are you better at dealing with suspense or gore?
  8. Are you afraid of ghosts?
  9. Are you afraid of any animals?
  10. What was your scariest nightmare about?
  1. Dogs because I have been attacked by dogs before, Speeding cars because I have seen someone get hit by a car and it is not something I would want to happen to me, and I suppose cancer because it runs in both sides of my family.
  2. Butterflies/Moths(don't ask), heights, that spiders will be hiding in my sheets(I'm usually fine with spiders but then they are in my bed it is a completely different story).
  3.  Mottephobia (Fear of Moths)
  4. No I'm not really supperstitious.
  5. I can be usually after I watch a ghost movie, other horror movies don't bother me but ghost ones do, probably because i actually believe in ghosts.
  6. Heights.
  7. Suspense.
  8. Not really, ghosts were once people, so I don't believe they would try to harm people unless they did so in life.
  9. Dogs.
  10. I once had a nightmare that a shooting happened at my school and then gunmen lined all the students up at the lockers and started open firing.  It was really life like and pretty scary.
And like I said before, I am lazy, so I will not be tagging anyone but if any of my followers see this and want to do it go ahaead and have fun.  :P

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  1. Do not let fear control you. Fear is the only delusion that controls neurotypical people. We are not neurotypes. We are the great Aspies of unknown dark intelligence. Keep your dark heart free from all slavery. Only chavs and robots go to hell or heaven. We have been denied by both places in history.