Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Graduation-Picspam Part 1

Hey guys, sorry I was once again gone for a long period of time, my computer got really messed up and I just got it back from being repaired.  I have read all the comments you guys have left and I wanna say thanks for all the compliments you have left me.  I also had really wanted to do a Canada Day post with some great Canadian music.  I suppose I will just have to celebrate it through the internet next year.

I also need to do an update on my reading challenge, but for now I just have some pictures from my graduation.
This is the dress I wore under my gown and for dinner with the family.
Me before the ceremony.
Getting my Diploma.
I also got an award, they did not tell me until directly before the ceremony so it was a huge surprise.
I will post the pictures from after the ceremony later.


  1. Wow, congrats!

    And the dress you wore for the dinner is fabulous, the belt really makes it look great. :D

  2. Congratulatons, you do look lovely! Xxxx:)

  3. Congradulations!
    And the black dress looks great on you!
    (I didn't even go to my own graduation when it was...)