Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why Do People Find It Appropriate To Continually Insult A Celebrity For An Hour Straight?

Sorry guys you get to hear another rant from me!!  Don't you guys feel privileged?  So this time my rant is about people wasting an hour of their lives saying mean things about a celebrity.

The reason for this topic?  Well I noticed on tumblr today that somebody reblogged a bunch of photos of Miley Cyrus's new hairstyle with tags and comments saying how ugly it is.  Now I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan but I think it is kind of rude to purposely reblog multiple photos of somebody and and just trash them.

If you don't like a celebrities new hairstyle that is fine, perhaps mention it once or twice in a humane manner, don't post hateful messages about it.  Due to these photos showing up on my dashboard I have obviously seen them and Miley is smiling in them which suggests she likes her new hairstyle.  As far as I'm concerned if she likes it then good for her.  I'm glad she is happy with it, and if you're not then shut your pie hole.

It makes me angry when somebody feels it is appropriate behavior to dis somebody just because you don't like a damn fashion choice they made.  Its not your hair or outfit so it should not bother you so much you feel a need to tell the world that you think it makes them ugly people.

Sorry for the rant but somethings just make me angry and it feels good to vent.


  1. Your article provoked me to go and see this new hairstyle and to be honest, I really love it! I'm by far not a fan but it's very adorable. I think those people are very silly but I'm sure she gets it all the time.

  2. I thought it was cute too. I've actually had a very similar hairstyle but mine was dyed dark purple not blond. And even though I'm not a fan and I know she is probably used to getting hate I still find it rude to post multiply hate posts over a hairstyle.

  3. The answer to that question, is because modern society doesn't give a crap about the emotions of outsiders. It's sad that we now live in a world of ignorance, gone dumb. Its true. The world has gone zombiestate, and it doesn't care for loners/outcasts/misfits etc. If you have tallent, then you are always going to be shunned like a vampire.

  4. Also reminds me of one episode of One Foot In The Grave. Where Victor Meldrew has his window cleaning reviewed in such a bad way, by a church parish magazine critic.