Friday, 21 June 2013

Just Another Outfit Post and Random Life Update.

Hello guys, its been a little while but some of you may have noticed I haven't been completely gone, I have been sneaking around commenting on posts and reading even more!  I have not posted anything myself because everytime I get dressed up I am usually rushed and don't have time to take photos and by the time I get back home all I wanna do is curl up in my pajamas.

For those of you that may be interested in what I've been up to here is a bit of an update.

First off I am in the middle of moving, I am moving back to Toronto come July.  So I have been a bit busy packing stuff up and spending time with a few of my friends before I leave.  I also need to do a bunch of training and medical tests to get into my program.  I am trying to get this all done before moving but I'm not sure that will be able to happen.

Today I actually have some time to spare in between going out and getting dressed so I took some pictures of my outfit and also my face because I didn't feel like I looked like a troll for once :P

My lighting in my room is so shit that I have to put my camera on a timer and sit on my bed to get outfit shots :P
Awkwardly standing.
Ignore the dust on the mirror and that I have my flash on and just look at my pretty skirt and boots.
Oh how I love my face without glasses 
And my face with glasses because I am blind without them, and am easily irritated by contacts. 
Oh and yes my hair has been gradually getting lighter.  I have finally gotten it to a decent color I can be happy with.  I am never dying my hair black again -.-


  1. It's always nice to read your comments, and even nicer to see your posts! I really like your outfit. My quest for traditional goth band t-shirts has thus far failed. I really like your glasses, they're cute!

    1. Thank you, and the shirt was actually bought at hot topic.

  2. Love the outfit. Those fishnets look like the perfect size, not to small or too large!

    Also, I tagged you in a Blog Challenge. :3

  3. Aaaaah, you look amazing! I love this outfit, and will probably steal it for my own purposes at some point. I agree with Sary; the fishnets look like a great size, and look good layered.