Friday, 15 November 2013

Adventures with Turqoise Hair

Hello, my lovely followers(and anyone else that might be lurking around).  So about two weeks ago i decided I needed a change from the pink hair and decided my next colour choice was going to be Atomic Turqoise from Manic Panic.

I bleached my roots before dying but did not bleach the faded pink dye out of my hair because I am trying to do minimal damage, especially after bleaching the black out of my hair within the last year.  This caused the hair to go a very vibrant teal at the roots and a sort of swampy green colour, that looked kinda seafoamish in bright lights.

This is a picture of it in darker lighting.  You can't see the roots but the rest is clearly not very vibrant.
This one is from the next day and the lights are brighter.  You can see that the roots are very vibrant, and although the rest looks better in this picture than the first it was still not the colour I wanted.
Because I was not very happy with the original dye job i decided to wait a week and try again.  This time I left the dye on 3 hours instead of 1 and also applied heat using my hair blower.  And finally I am happy with the results...
Very pretty colour and almost even toned.
I dyed it the second time last week.  I have only washed it once so far and I mixed dye with the shampoo.  So far the dye has not faded which is good.  Hopefully it will last atleast the three weeks that the pink would last before re-dyeing.

Anyway i am happy with the colour the second time around but would reccomend that anyone who tries this dye to leave it in a few hours and to apply heat.  Also it works much better on freshly bleached hair.


  1. wow that looks great!

    1. Thank you! I am actually quite happy with the colour as well.

  2. Looks really pretty! Especially with our undercut!

    1. Thanks. I actually have an undercut on both sides now :P