Friday, 16 December 2011

Evil Shades Cosmetics

So about ten minutes ago my brother informed me that my order from Evil Shades Cosmetics had arrived.  I ordered this about a month ago and I was super excited because I have never been able to find a eye shadow base in the small city I live in so I went online and decided to order from here because they had extremely low prices and some very nice colors of eye shadow.  So I ordered a white eyeshadow base and a black Spectrum Pot.

I was happy when I opened the package to discover the products had been placed in a pretty pink(And SHINEY!) bag.  I was even happier when I opened up the bag and saw that the owner had included a sample size of an eyeshadow from her limited time christmas colors.

I will be using the make-up today for work and will be posting pictures and a review tonight.  If I like how it works I will deffiniately be ordering from this website again!

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