Saturday, 17 December 2011

Review: Evil Shades Cosmetics

Okay so I ordered from  So I decided to do a review for the products I ordered.

Absorbed Spectrum Pot

I originally bought this as a replacement for eyeliner and to be honest I was not pleased with how it turned out(probably cause I have sucky brushes that are not good for using this product as an eyeliner).  But I instead tried using it as a black base and put a shimmery eyeshadow over it.  This actually turned out really well because when I would use this shadow with another base the color would show very like and it looked nothing like it did  in its container.  When i put it on over the black it showed the color I wanted it to and the Spectrum Pot is kind of waxy and has a slightly sticky  texture so the shadow stuck there perfectly. 

This product does last for a rather long time, it was still perfect when I removed my make-up last night so over-all i am happy with this product despite it not working for the original purpose it was bought for.  I will probably be buying this again and I even have my eye on Spectrum Pots in other colors.

Evileyes Primer in Opal

Before I bought this I was using the same primer that was bought for my face on my eyes and was frustrated when the colors would start to fade.  So I searched the web for an affordable primer.  This is how I originally found the website.  So anyways the first thing i did when I got it was tried it out on my hand to feel the texture.  I was pleasantly surprised that it felt incredible silky and smooth and didn't have a strong smell and the slight scent it did have was nice.

I was also pleased that when I put it on it did not show up stark white and instead blended into my skin tone leaving nothing but shimmer.  It does not feel anybit sticky which is a plus and my shadow did not smudge, crease, or fade all day.  I will be buying this again when I run out because it was both effective and it was pretty cheap.

Broken Dreidel Shadow

I did not actually order this the owner of the site actually sent a free sample of it with my order which was nice.  It is a very vibrant blue color that has sparkles in it.  Blue it not my color, it dulls the look of my eyes since they are blue aswell and it clashes with my purple hair but I decided to try it out anyways so I would have a future reference on how well the shadows work. 

It went on very vibrant and very sparkely which I loved and I did really like the color and would probably order some if the color looked good on me.  It was easy to apply and I found that not much was needed because it was very high pigment.  Even though this was not my color I will be ordering shadows in different colors from the site.

Customer Service

It took about a month to get my order which i find reasonable concidering christmas is near and it is not a big corporation.  I liked that I recieve notification through paypal when the items were shipped.  When the items arrived it had been shipped in a shiney pink bag and the owner had sent me a free sample of one of her limited time holiday eyeshadows.  Over-all buying from this company was a good experience and I will more than likely be ordering from them again in the future.

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