Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reading Challenge Fail

On new years I made a resolution to read 100 books by the end of the year.  This was thought up while I was still making my new years post so not much thought went into it(which explains the lack of creativity).  Anyways this was brought on by the fact that I had barely any free time and felt like I needed an extra incentive to start reading(I currently have over 50 unread books on my shelf).  I have just recently in the last week or so found reasonable amounts of free time so my first month of reading was a fail.

This month I have read a grand total of...........1.75 books(added in the .75 to make it just a bit better ^_^ ).

Hopefully next week Month my post will have a slightly higher number.

In other news I am officially starting to organize some of my thoughts so I can post more often.  I have started a list of posts I want to eventually make including: how I got into goth, a few posts on people who influence me and a short post that I see on most goth blogs about popular goth stereo types that I follow and ones that I don't.  If anyone has any post ideas they would like to see or any questions just comment bellow!

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