Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a Quick Ego Boost

I have reached 10 followers and over 300 views!  Okay, I am fully aware this is not that big an accomplishment, lots of people have hundreds of followers and some even thousands.  Despite this I'm pretty excited seeing as how I am a random 17 year old girl from some small, northernish town in Canada, who is just starting out in a scene that is completely new to her(I've never even met a real goth).

I have always felt like nobody was listening so even just having ten people interested in me enough to follow my blog makes me happy.  So thank you guys!!(Especially Victorian Kitty for linking to me on her blog; this almost doubled my views in a single day)

Hey look!  I used to be somewhat normal :D  I found this on my computer a little while ago and thought I'd throw it in for fun.  This was taken Christmas of 2008 I believe(This actually used to be on of my favorite make-up looks, icy blue eyeshadow with sparkly blue eyeliner).


  1. teehee congrats :-)
    and i'm sure we all *squee* for every view and follower ^_^°

  2. That's wonderful, I'm really happy for you! :)

    I wish you more views, comments and followers soon. :))

  3. Congratulations! Every blog starts at zero followers, and the sky's the limit. Keep up the good work! :)