Friday, 1 June 2012

Reading Challenge Update May

I had been hoping to get up to 25 books this month because I am terribly behind, but I  have been busy and will likely be busy again this month between school, award ceremonies, exams, graduation, and my cousin's wedding.  But after this month I will have plenty of free time due to my lack of a job.  Anyways I will post the books I read in previous months aswell as the new books that have been read this month.  The books read this month will be linked to a summary of the story, do not read the whole summary if you plan on reading the books because they may give away the ending.

Books Previously Read.
  1. Dracula-Bram Stoker
  2. Z for Zachariah-Robert C. O'Brien
  3. Dracula the Un-Dead-Dacre Stoker & Ian Holt
  4. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk-David Sedaris
  5. Vampire Academy: Graphic Novel-Richelle Mead, Adapted by Leigh Dragoon
  6. Frozen-Robin Wasserman
  7. Of Mice and Men-John Steinbeck
  8. Shattered-Robin Wasserman
  9. Torn-Robin Wasserman
  10. On Golden Pond-Ernest Thomas
  11. Inherit the Wind-Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
  12. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter-Seth Grahame-Smith
  13. The Fallen-Thomas E. Sneigoski

Books Read in May

   14.  Leviathan-Thomas E. Sniegoski
   15.  Aerie-Thomas E. Sniegoski
   16.  Twelve Angry Men-Reginald Rose
   17.  Reckoning-Thomas E. Sniegoski
   18.  End of Days-Thomas E. Sniegoski
   19.  The Poison Eaters & Other Stories-Holly Black
   20.  Bite Me: A Love Story-Christopher Moore
   21.  The Amityville Horror-Jay Anson
   22.  Death of a Salesman-Arthur Miller


  1. How'd you like Death of a Salesman?

    I read it for my Junior Honors class in high school & thought it was a fairly interesting piece. Then again, my class acted it out and I played Biff. ^^

    1. I read it in class aswell, I played Uncle Ben. At first I thought it was kinda slow but when it began to near the end it got more interesting. I can say I enjoyed it although it was not my favourite play done in my English class. My favourite was probably 'Inherit the Wind'.