Monday, 4 June 2012

Red & Black Week- Day 2

Yes, I know I did not not participate yesterday.  I knew the week was coming but i did not prepare and decided to take a lazy day yesterday so no post.  I'm not even sure I'll have a post for the remainder of the days because i am terribly unorganized.

I felt like a total mall goth today, but I do think I looked cute so thats what really counts.  The top is from Folter and the skirt is Tripp(two brand name items :O  Yes this is why I felt like a mall goth, most of my stuff is from thrift stores.)

Please ignore my face.

And the thing I like about this skirt is the little handcuff charm thingies, it was a huge factor in me purchasing it.


  1. Lazy days are totally acceptable. You made up for it by being super cute today! Very nice contribution to Red & Black Week. I'm glad you were able to participate! Hope to see more from you throughout the week. ;)