Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Red & Black Week-Day 4

I once again did not post yesterday but I had to dress for my English award and trying to add red and black just would not work.  Todays outfit is kinda boring, I woke up tired and did not feel like getting dressed so I grabbed a long red and black skirt that is really comfy and paired it with a Bauhaus shirt.  Simple and probably not very flattering but it was comfy, which is all I was really going for today.

So here are my pics.


  1. The spy in the cab sees a Bauhaus shirt and a red-lined black long skirt!

  2. The Bauhaus t-shirt and a red-lined maxi skirt are always a good thing, but... not together. Never. Maybe for cleaning around the house, but in no way for photos.
    Loose t-shirt and loose skirt combined together look very unflattering and not feminine... more like nun-like (oh, of course I know nuns are women too, but... I think you'll get the difference), they hide your figure in the worst way possible. It's the kind of look I would accept on a 6 years old child, but not on a gothic girl, sorry... (elegance, class and so on).

    1. I am fully aware that this is not flattering. :) I even said so in my post that it wasn't flattering but yesterday all I wanted was something to bum around in, not something to make me look fabulous. Hell, I didn't even wear make up yesterday. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, so sorry if it seems that way, I just wanted to clear it up that I am aware that a loose shirt and loose skirt does not look flattering.

  3. I love to pair cool band t-shirts with maxi skirts. I think it's a fabulous combination of casual and feminine! That happens to be one of my all-time favorite t-shirts, and the red on the skirt is a perfect match for it!

    Hey, even your bedding is red and black! Bonus points. :)