Thursday, 12 July 2012

Toronto Shopping Trip-Part 2

This is the second half of me showing you guys what I got in Toronto.
Was only $5
Close-up on the print.
This one was also only $5.
Showing the pattern.
3 pairs of leggings, $10 for all three pairs.
New boots, I am actually wearing these right now to break them in.
I've been wanting shoes like these for a while.
And some cute Hello Kitty cookie stick things I saw and needed to buy.
I also bought an Invader Zim t-shirt, two posters(on of Siouxie Sioux and the other of Martin Luther King Jr.), and some bracelets that I didn't take pictures of.


  1. Those cookie stick things are actually called pocky. I love them. :3

    And those platform Mary-Janes are soo cute! I've wanted shoes like them for heaps. :3 You have really good taste.

    1. Thanks, and I have wanted shoes like those for a long time aswell, I almost gave an excited squeel when I saw them on a shelf marked half price, and actually did do a little happy dance when I realized the last pair was in my size.

  2. Nice shoes! o.0

    Wish there were places here in Perth to get stuff like that!!

    1. Its all about looking in the right place. I once found a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots with a studded strap in my size at my local thrift shop. And this was in Northern Ontario, the land of endless retirement communities,and a hell of a lot of camp grounds.

      I had to travel four and a half hours to get shoes like these, although it was worth it.