Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fitness and Feeling Good.

Hey guys.  I am finally coming to an end of the semester so I will have a bit more time for you guys.  Lately I have been in a bit of a fashion rut but I have decided to try and slowly work my way out of it.  I have also been trying and failing at living a healthier lifestyle.

Today's post i will try and focus on the lifestyle changes.  A few months back I came across the BMI and realized that according to the charts I was considered overweight.  I have never thought of myself as being overweight and it came as a bit of a shock.  It made me decide to change a few things, I decided I was going to eat healthier and start working out.  This worked for about three weeks before the food just started tasting bland and I realized I desperately needed cake.  And with my busy schedule by the time I got home from classes I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was workout.

I have a feeling similar situations happen to just about everyone.  My working out has been extremely on and off and for the past month it has been completely off.  I have decided to try and get it going again though.  But this time I am trying to make it a bit more fun.  I got rid of the boring video I was doing and instead found a fairly simple workout chart online.  best part is it is not a video so I can make my own playlists instead of listening to the horrible dance beats that seem to come with all workout videos.  This new workout also has different exercises for everyday instead of doing the same thing day after day.

And as for my diet I have decided that I will be allowing myself a completely unhealthy meal around two times a week as well as desert after dinner.  Hopefully this will help me keep up with a healthier diet and not feel like I am being forced to give up yummy foods.

Any who it any of you are interested in the current playlist I made for my 20 minute cardio here are the longs on them.  Not linking because I'm lazy, sorry.

  • Super Space Invaders by Eisenfunk
  • When You Don't See Me by the Sisters of Mercy
  • Would I Lie To You by Eurythmics
  • Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
  • Living Dead Superstars by Zombie Girl
And for the rest of my workout I just listen to whatever randomly pops up on shuffle.

If any of you have any songs you like to listen to while working out you should leave them in a comment, I would love to make several 20 minute playlists so I can switch up the songs I listen to everyday.


  1. Don't listen to the BMI! It doesn't actually account for the weight of bones or muscle. Be safe and healthy too. :3

  2. The only songs I can remember to recomend to you are:

    ->Eisenfunk-Pong (you may know this one)

    ->Creature Feature (really good when you want to cheer up, the lyrics are macabre, but the rhythm is very cool. Or maybe I just cheer up with crazy stuff, I don't know XD it's the band that I listen while tidying my room, so...XD)

    ->Korpiklaani-Tequilla (not a goth band, not even a goth song, but very funny, and has a fast rhythm in my opinion. For other songs related to drinks, search for the same band, they have 2 more, at least. This one is singed in finnish)

    ->Nightcore (makes just covers. And makes them really fast. It's good for exercise on my opinion)

    ->Insaniae (a little hard to find. Depending of what exercise you do, you can use their songs. I like to dance with them, don't know why. voice is very pretty. It's more metal than it's goth, but it's still a band worth searching. I was very pleased with it. The band sings in portuguese (but, although I'm portuguese, I can't understand a lot of what they say, but some lyrics are easy to find and I can translate them for you if you want) )

    Sorry for the long comment =)