Tuesday, 21 May 2013

DIY Bat Coasters, Still in Progress

hello fellow bloggers, I just wanted to update you on what I've been up to which really isn't much.  I went to my parents cottage and wanted to take pictures of the pretty trilliums that were growing along the road but unfortunately it did not stop raining the entire time I was there.  Hopefully next time I will get some pictures though :)

I did however find my old plastic canvas that I used to do crafts with as a kid and naturally it made me want to start up again.  I have been looking for a hobby to do to keep me from being bored out of my mind lately so this is perfect!  I even started making some bat coasters.  I only had two colors of yarn so only the bat shapes are filled in but I will hopefully be getting some more yarn tomorrow, which means I will have lots of colorful bats to protect my tables!  Hopefully i will find black yarn to fill the backgrounds with.

so far I have a yellow bat and a red bat, I hope to be adding purple, green, blue , and pink into the collection.

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