Friday, 10 May 2013

Mini Shopping Trip

This is my second post in one day!  It truly is a miracle.  Anyway my city has recently gotten a Giant Tiger, for those of you who do not know what that is, it is pretty much a store that sells really inexpensive stuff.  I am a huge fan of this store because I do not like to spend lots of money and i can usually find a few cute things in their clothing section.

So today I went into the new store with my mom and she offered to buy me a few things, so here is what I got.

its not clothing but I really am in need of an umbrella so I was happy when I found this cute rose printed umbrella for under $5.
It's not a very good photo but it is just a plain lace tank top, best part it was only $4.
Up close of the lace print.
This one looks really bad in the picture but is really cute in person.  It is an off the shoulder top that is a fishnet like fabric that is really comfy!  And it was $8.
Up close shot doesn't really do it justice either, guess I will just have to make an outfit post of me wearing it :P

And on a completely unrelated not here is a picture of the really cute tin of mints my brother bought me!
The mints are shaped like bones :D

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