Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Red & Black Week-Day 3

Today was kind of a lazy day but i still wanted to participate so today's item is my black, red, and white misfits shirt.  

Excuse my wet hair and that I got lazy and used my phone instead of an actual camera :P

My favorite jeans.  I've had them for around five years and I plan on keeping them until they are nothing but shreds of fabric.
Close up of my shirt


  1. Perfect!! :) That shirt was meant to be part of today's sub-theme. And phones are great for snapping quick shots without the hassle of uploading pics to the computer. I can't wait for the day when digital cameras come with built-in WiFi!

  2. Is the shirt, by chance a modified tee? I'm so into that these days and I like the style of the one you're wearing...may have to try that out on one of my old tees!

    1. This particular shirt was bought as is but i have been considering cutting some of my old t-shirt in a similar way for when summer finally hits.

  3. Love the shirt, you have an awesome style. Plus, the Misfits rock. :3