Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red & Black Week-Day 5

Back for day five!  I am very happy with myself for having posted everyday so far.  Last year I was missing a few days :(

I would like to thank all of the people who have posted comments on my other posts.  I have also noticed that a few people have found my last years red and black week posts if any of you are interested all of my red and black week posts from both this year and last year can be found under the tag RED BLACK WEEK.

Anyway, today's post is yesterdays outfit.  all i did was sit around the house so I chose to wear some comfy black and red leggings.

And my favorite t-shirt

Yesterday, much like today, I did not bother with either hair or make-up, because who really has time for that when all they are doing is sitting around with a book.

I look kind of grumpy :O


  1. It really looks comfortable. And good at the same time.
    The leggingn, they are so cute ♥
    By the way...what book? :)

    1. I was finishing up The great Gatsby. I never got to read it in school and i figured since the movie was out it was the perfect time to finally get around to reading it :P

  2. your shirt matches your poster! and your leggings match your bed.

  3. Great job on all of your posts so far this week! I'm so glad you're with us the whole way. :) And today's leggings are charming! In a dark way, of course. ;)

  4. Love love love your leggings!