Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pic Spam- July 16-17/2013

Hey just I have some pictures from the last few days that I have decided to share because I love you guys.

Tuesday I went to my friends place to spend time with her.  She recently shaved her hair into a mohawk and she assisted me in reshaving my side cut.  but anyway here are a few pictures...

Me trying on her wig that she sometimes wears while she puts up her hair.
Her hair up and with a pretty bow in it :P
And I also took a few pictures yesterday.  No outfit shots just regular selfies.

For some reason i always take pictures when my head is freshly shaved.
I scratched out my face in the second picture because i didn't like the way my face looked.
And back to the shitty quality cell phone pictures...
Anyway, I am just going to spend my day sitting around truing to avoid the heat.  It has felt like it was over 40 degrees Celsius all week and I almost passed out while out yesterday, so today i am staying in.

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