Thursday, 25 July 2013

Weight-loss and Wigs

So a couple of weeks ago I invested in a wig.  This might seem a bit odd but I want to be able to do whatever I want with my hair without jeopardizing my chances of finding a job.  So here are some pictures of me wearing said wig.

 I think it is pretty cute but not really enough of my style to wear often when not looking for a job.

On another note I tried on a pair of shorts that a year ago were really tight on me and are actually pretty loose now!  It always makes me feel good when I can actually see a difference in my body.

A picture of me from last year wearing said shorts.  They were so tight that they actually became uncomfortable after a few hours.
I took a picture today of me wearing the exact same outfit and you can visibly see that the shorts are no longer skin tight!

I feel much better wearing them now.

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  1. Yayyy for you!! And I like the wig, it does look good on you, even if it's not really your style.