Monday, 8 July 2013

This outfit makes me feel skinny!

Hello followers and welcome back to my blog.  It is currently a beautiful Monday morning here in Toronto.

I am really happy today and I feel good about my outfit so here are some pictures.

Hey look I'm posing instead of standing awkwardly!
Don't I look skinny in this full length shot!  I love the belt I'm wearing for this effect.
My eyelashes look long...
I can never decide if i like the way I look better with or without glasses.
I also have a single photo of the dress I wore a few days ago.
When I took this the thought of zooming my camera had not occured yet.


  1. You look great in those glasses! If I could find a pair that looks as good on me as those do on you, I'd break down and finally get my rear in gear and get some.

  2. Those glasses look wonderful on you indeed :3 I also like your outfits ^^ Especially the first one, that dress is magnificent ^^