Saturday, 6 July 2013

Moving on in!

So on Tuesday I moved to Toronto.  I have finally finished putting all of my posters up so I thought I would take some pictures and show you my new space!

Yes i watch Duck Dynasty.  I attempted to goth up my Si poster a bit by put plastic skeletons and some Alchemy Gothic pictures beside it.
Ignore the glare and the fact that my room is already starting to get messy.
Another one of my walls and my horribly messy desk.
And probably my favourite place to be, my bed.
Well that all i have to post for today.  Maybe I will take a picture of the pretty dress I am wearing today, but for now I am going to relax and eat some food before going to visit a friend :)


  1. Cool calendar! :D
    Nice, I hope you feel at home at the new place! ^^

  2. I want your Siouxsie poster...

  3. I really like the way you've decorated your room :3 I'm also jealous of your The Cure poster XD